Monday, December 22, 2008

Smells like winter!

Tones Spices, headquartered in Ankeny, IA (20 miles from where I went to college), recently donated 9 tons of expired garlic salt to the city to be used on icy roads. The funny thing is that I learned about this late last week on the Today show! In fact, when I was searching for a link, the most recent article was a news story from the Des Moines Register talking about how the story went national.

Not too much to say here, just wanted to get some Iowa love in. I could close this post out with some good quips about garlic salt on the roads – but I won’t… Aww, what the hell:

  • Just hours after the donation was reported, local supplies of Texas toast and French rolls were running drastically low
  • Children were no longer warned to not lick flag poles, now they needed to be warned not to lick the streets
  • Many pet owners were taken to the hospital with acute respiratory infections after smelling their even WORSE than normal dog/cat breath


Kelly said...

Ewww what? That is so weird.

Frayed Laces said...

Oh my gosh can you imagine what that smells like?