Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sleepy Time

No run today. However, I did want to share a funny picture of the client that I am currently working with. I don’t work directly with the person below, however when I was discussing an issue with a friend she pointed out the following:

This was at 4:00 in the afternoon! He is basically level 2 support (sort of), so he has to clock in/out and therefore what he does on his ‘break’ is his own business. But, I still found it a bit odd that a nap at work would be a good idea. I would be afraid that I would either snore, drool, or just plain old sleep the day away. The great thing was that since he was asleep, he was none the wiser of the picture!


BETHANY said...

when i was working at starbucks, we used to have "dark sets" - meaning that while the store was closed (11pm-4:30am) we would change over the entire retail setup in the store. well, when we would finish the setup, usually 2 or 3am, i would nap on the back room floor so i didn't waste sleep time driving home and driving back to work. i used a 5lb bag of coffee as my pillow... guess that proves how clean i kept the floors in my store!

Marcy said...

HAAHA!! That's awesome! My kinda man!