Sunday, December 7, 2008

OJ, what are you DOING!?

What hell are you doing OJ? He was sentenced this past week to 33 years in prison for kidnapping, assault, robbery and assault with a deadly weapon. We let you get away with it once (murder no less!!), but you have to do it again!? Seriously….

I am reminded of a Chris Rock bit about Michael Jackson… “The world's F’ed up man. Michael Jackson lost his mind. What the hell is wrong with Michael? [Touching] another kid? [Touching] another kid? I thought it was groundhog's day when I heard that shit. Another kid. Get the F’ out of here. That's how much we love Michael. We love Michael so much. We let the first kid slide. Another kid. I'm F’ing done. I'm done with Michael. I was a fan my whole life. I am F’ing done. I'm handing in my glove. I saw Michael on 60 minutes. Ed Bradley tried his best to make Michael look like a mammal. An animal that drink water and breathe air. Right. He gave Michael the easiest question in the world, the easiest GED questions in the world and Michael could not pass the test.”

This is why I am a firm believer in karma. It always pays to do the right thing. One of my wife’s uncle bought some Christmas presents for his kids at a sporting good store and wasn’t charged. He was out of the store but still went back in and told the sales clerk to charge him. This was totally the right thing to do. If he didn’t, he probably would have been hit by bus driving home or something else traumatic.

So, if you are reading this OJ, (which I have no reason to think that he is not) try to do the right thing while in jail and stay out of trouble. No shanks made out of toothbrushes or sex for cigarettes. If you can do that, I'm sure that you'll be OK when you are done.


Pat said...

I'd like to believe in Karma. I really would. If karma existed, then half the people living in south Phoenix would be in suburbia instead. And a good number of folks in million dollar homes would be behind bars.

I'm not trying to be negative, I'm just sayin. . .

BJN said...

I will echo Pat's sentiments. Sometimes Karma needs a little help from the Nevada State Justice Dept. and Penitentiary.

I think the Brown and Goldman families would think that karm - in this case - involves a 500lb cellmate named "cuddily".