Thursday, December 18, 2008

Maybe I need FedEx

I know, I've been SUPER busy the last 4 days. So busy that I haven't posted any new blogs nor have I been able to read anyone's feed. This weekend I'll get caught up. The reason why I've ben so busy is that I'm wrapping things up at my current client as well as finalizing the contract for 2009 work. This means that I'm spending an extra amount of time transitioning while adding a bunch of additional work on top of that. To tide everyone over, here are a few funny overheard in the office quotes....

Male employee, angry about benefits: So my live-in girlfriend is not a domestic partner but Steve's* boyfriend is?
HR generalist: Yes, that's right. Domestic partners are same sex partners, that is the policy.
Male employee: So if my girlfriend became my boyfriend I could put her on my insurance?
HR generalist: Yes, if she grows a penis and discovers a deep abiding love for Cher, she can be on your insurance.
Male employee: Really?
HR generalist: (sighs)

Drunk on phone: Hello, is this Frogs?
Intern: No, this is not a bar, it is a place of business.
Drunk on phone: my honey Lois there?
Intern: No, please don't call anymore. (hangs up)
(phone rings again)
Drunk on the phone: Look...I'm looking for my honey Lois. Is she there?
Intern: No, this is a place of business. Please stop calling.(hangs up phone, then it rings again)
Drunk on the phone: Have you seen my honey, Lois?
Supervisor: Yeah, I've seen her. She's sitting here at the bar and she's making out with a bunch of guys.
Drunk on the phone: Bitch! Tell her I'm going to kill her.
Supervisor: I would love to, but I think she's having sex right now on the bar. I'll wait until she's done.
Drunk on the phone: I can't believe she is doing this to me. (starts to cry and hangs up phone)
Supervisor to intern: Every once in a while you gotta have a little fun.

Frazzled boss: Today has been just awful.
Concerned coworker: I know, hun. (in a hushed tone) Do you want a Xanax?
Frazzled boss: Oh, god, no...thank you...I have my own supply. (in hushed tone) And I've already had several.