Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The library is AWESOME!

I recently rediscovered the library. It was the most amazing thing!! I went to the library, filled out a paper to get a library card, found my book, checked it out, and left while paying NO money! I could hardly believe it. Now, let me say, shame on me for not remembering this until now. I haven’t been to a library to actually check out a book since middle school. So, it has been over 15 years where I have been able to get something for nothing**.

I borrowed Bart Yasso’s most recent book and am due to write up a review shortly. It is going to be a good review, so check it out if you can.

As stated previously, I am going to be alone this weekend and will likely try to find another book to borrow FOR FREE from the library. If you know of any good books that you think that I would like, let me know!

**Disclaimer, as a homeowner I certainly DO pay for the library and its services.


BETHANY said...

Adam, shame on you for not having been to a library since middle school..... how did you make it through college???
And as for your weekend alone... a book? your MANcation seems to be turning into more of a spa retreat.... jogs, books, wine... maybe you could get a mani/pedi while you are at it!

Pat said...

Brillant, getting a library card while your wife is away. "No, dear I was at the library all weekend".

I just returned Bowerman and the Men of Oregon to the Chandler library. It's a great read.