Monday, December 1, 2008

Bucket List

I have said for quite some time (10 years at least) that there are three things that I would like to do before I die. The three things are:

Drink water from the sea
Be worth my weight in gold
Feel what it is like to be weightless

As you can imagine, #1 was relatively easy to do. As stated in my 100 things post however, I didn’t see the ocean let alone drink ocean water until my honeymoon. I need to get cracking! I will say that: The ocean is MUCH saltier than I could have ever imagined, if I ever want to retire I had better be worth at least my weight in gold, and I think that my weightless ambitions may have been a bit TOO ambitious.

However, I thought that I should expand my list a bit to reflect my current situation. Here are some additional things that I would consider part of my bucket list:

Pass on the Ricklefs name. That is, have a son
Get a stamp, ANY stamp, on my passport
Run a marathon in all 50 states – thereby visiting all 50 states
Anonymously help someone who is truly in need

Not a big list, but not an easy one either. I’ll likely think of more as the days go by – that may or may not get added to this list.


Pat said...

Looks like your bucket list is getting better.

I too wanted to be a father. Now, I want to make sure my kids are people I can be proud of. So far so good.

I just want to run in all 50 states. I'd rather run in a national park than in a smaller marathon with no scenery.

And to help someone anonomously may be your best ideal yet.

Good luck,


Kelly said...

Run in marathon in all 50 states? Wow, that's ambitious. Do you have a list of states conquered?

Adam said...

Ha - well, right now it is only three. Kansas, Missouri and Illinois. (Hey, I never said that it was a short term goal!)

Christine said...

You know big brother, you can take care of the weightless one in Vegas. Granted it costs 5 grand but it looked sweet on the travel channel :)