Monday, December 15, 2008

12/14 Run

8 miles, 8:15 pace. Yeah, I know…. I’m super late on this post. Sunday’s run was fun. It was great to get out there again and put in some ‘real’ mileage. This is the longest that I’ve done since Chicago and the shortest that I hope to do for the foreseeable future. It was really warm for mid December (mid 50s) however it was VERY windy – wind advisories were in effect. The first half was with the wind and the second half was against the wind. However, during the run, the most bizarre thing happened. Instead of running slower into the wind I actually ran faster! Almost 30 seconds / mile faster. If anyone knows why that is, let me know!

(Side note, I also did a slow 3 miler on 12/12. Tough run for some reason…..)


Katie said...

Hey! Just ran across your blog. The wind is sooo not my friend -- glad it's yours! :-)