Monday, December 15, 2008

10 Years Ago....

I recently ran across the following and really liked it. So, I decided to steal it! I honestly wanted to provide a reference, but I can not seem to find the original post. I'll keep hunting and will hopefully find it.

I think that this post is particularly relevant with all of the 'year in review' posts that are floating out in the blogosphere.

10 Years Ago (1998):
1. I decided that I wanted to go to Iowa State and major in Computer Science
2. I bought my first motorcycle
3. I was eagerly awaiting the May release of the next Star Wars movie
4. I was frantically applying for college scholarships
5. I had a part time job working in a ‘factory farm’ raising pigs

5 Things on Today’s “To Do” List :
1. Complete a teammate’s mid year feedback form
2. Get sign off on the 2009 telephone launch schedule
3. Arms / chest weight training
4. Finish my Christmas cards
5. Get caught up on blog reading!

5 Things that I would do if I were a millionaire had more money than I could ever spend:
1. Buy a small cottage in Hawaii
2. Travel!
3. Quit my current job, find job at new car dealership
4. Ensure that my brother, sister, and brother in law had the educations that they would like
5. Complete #4 on my bucket list

5 Places I have lived:
1. Rolfe, IA
2. Bradgate, IA
3. Ames, IA
4. Normal, IL
5. Overland Park, KS

5 Jobs I have had:
1. Farm hired hand
2. Pig guy at a 600 sow farrowing operation
3. Online Bank Intern at State Farm Insurance
4. Asset Management Intern at Hallmark Cards
5. Consultant for one of the ‘big 3’ management consulting firms


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Anonymous said...

I went to school in Normal, Illinois and my best friend married someone from Ames, Iowa, what a small world.

BETHANY said...

you want to work at a car dealership????

Kelly said...

I too would buy a house in Hawaii.

I have a lot of family that lives in Normal, IL (not that exciting of a town).

And 10 years ago, I was still in junior high! Wow!

Caro said...

Big ups to Normal! Signed, Townie ;)