Sunday, November 2, 2008


My in-laws house was broken into sometime on Friday. Luckily no one was home but the burglars did make off with quite a bit of stuff. They stole jewelry, iPods, cell phone chargers, money, and a flat screen TV. The last item is VERY suspicious because they had a repairman in the house the day before fixing that very TV. From the descriptions that I have been hearing the burglars really knew what they were doing. They almost knew a little too much what they were doing – like the repairman from the day previous was part of the robbery. Of course, this isn’t CSI, and therefore no connection will likely ever be able to be made.

My car has been broken into before. After I got into the car, I was struck by a very odd feeling. I wasn’t mad that my car stereo was gone. I was mad that someone had been inside of my car without my permission. I expect that once the dust settles, my in-laws will feel the same way. Either way, it is a shitty situation. My wife and I spoke and other than a pool, a security system is a must in our new house.