Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Take THAT Steve Jobs

A few more funnies from

No, actually I don't want to download the newest iTunes 8.01. I was totally content with the last 56 versions you produced. Unfortunately I've checked your website and there doesn't seem to be a "Download iTunes once then leave me the fuck alone" option. With all these asinine upgrades it's a good thing Apple didn't invent the wheel...

The only thing worse than being laid off and looking for a job in this shitty economy is having people enviously talk about the amount of free time you must have. The next person that asks what I do all day is going to get smacked in the face with the "help wanted" section.

The worst consequence of the American election being almost over is that Saturday Night Live is going to start sucking again.

I recently got engaged and the ring was inscribed with the words PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE. We took the ring to get sized and when my bf gave it back to me, the past and present were erased and all that is left of our future... F U.


Anonymous said...

Just because you say your cat is the cutest cat ever doesn't change the fact that I'm wildly allergic to them. I still don't want to see your cat. I hate your cat.