Tuesday, November 18, 2008


For some reason I got on Skymall's mailing list. Actually, as I type that I know the reason - my bro in law gave me one of the wine cork push pin board kits ordered through there. I'm still working on getting enough corks to fill it. Anyway, a few flights back, my wife saw a this little ditty in there- The "slanket":

It is part blanket, part sweater, all skymall. This item is now at the top of her Christmas list. When Tera, whom I work with, asked about what my wife wanted, I came across the picture below and wondered aloud... "Why does everyone look like a huge tool in skymall pictures?" If you can answer that I've got two gold stars with your name on them.


Anonymous said...

They are advertising a similar product on TV right now -- I think it's called the snuggly or something -- and I totally want it. Great minds think alike, Tiff. Mary S.

Adam said...

Mary! You're part of the problem! :)