Friday, November 28, 2008

Race Photos

Here are some photos of the 10k on Thanksgiving. It was a really fun race - especially because I got to spend some time running with my wife and her fam. Is it just me, or do I REALLY need to work on not looking like someone grabbed me in the ass when someone takes my picture? Click on the picture of me while running to see what I mean.

Pre Race

During Race:

Post Race:


Pat said...

Adam, thanks for visiting my blog. Guess you may have read my race report over on RWOL.

I read a couple of your posts, so I guess I am boring. LOL.

Just like you, I moved out here from MO. (st. louis) a number of years ago. Unlike you, I'm not as fast.

If you have any questions about AZ or the running community here, just ask. I'm a local Realtor, so I can usually answer questions about neighborhoods.

Take care, Pat

Pat said...

Adam, I was the one that gave your wife directions to the finish line. I saw the picture and it looked familiar.

I was disappointed that the race officials were taking down the finish line when there were still people out on the course. So, I instantly became a volunteer and pointed the way for about the last 30 racers.