Thursday, November 13, 2008

Poor Planning

I am going to be in training for the next two days, so it will be radio silence on the blog until then. That is, unless I have some time tonight to get a few blog posts scheduled for Thursday and Friday. (I didn’t) The training will hopefully be fun, although I think that it will likely be a bit droning at times.

The thing that frustrates me the most is that the training has been very poorly planned. The training was short notice, the duration is continuously changing, and they just seem to have locked down what we are going within the last two days. In fact, I got an email on Tuesday saying that we will be going to a jacket required restaurant on Thursday night. Now, I’ve been to this restaurant and it is incredible. It is great that the firm is taking us there and I am very appreciative. However, since I am already in St Louis at my client, I will have no way of obtaining a jacket. Therefore, I have to wear a loaner. Annoying. I’ve joked with friends that I hope it is either a plaid jacket or one with a big security badge on the breast pocket. Maybe I could valet a few cars and make a few extra bucks!