Tuesday, November 11, 2008

PHX Transfer Update

My office transfer for work is now complete. The online directory was updated over the past weekend, so I have started to receive messages from various people who have found out that I am moving (but for one reason or another have not been notified). As I looked myself up, I will admit that it was a bit odd if not a bit sad to see myself as a Phoenix ‘resident’. I now have a PHX based phone number and address and will be added to the PHX office communications.

I have really grown to enjoy Kansas City and agree with a teammate that the move is almost like a slow death. I finally decided to move to PHX a very long time ago however it won’t be complete until June. Parts of me wishes that it would just happen now where as other parts of me want to enjoy the last moments that I have in KC. My wife and I have created a home where we are now and it will be hard to leave. Hopefully June will come soon so that the anticipation will be over.


Nick said...

Congrats buddy!