Friday, November 28, 2008

Mesa Mi Amigo's Turkey Trot

45:46. 6.214 miles, 7:22 pace. I was originally planning on jogging with my wife, however once I mentioned that I might be able to 'beat the turkey' her relatives (well, my wife as well) convinced me to go all out. For this race, there is a guy who dresses in a full on turkey costume and runs the entire 6.2. He generally races at around a 45 - 48 min 10k, which is about what I was trying to run. So, if I ran a good race, I could probably beat him. I ran a good race :) I actually beat him this year by 7 minutes. I am not sure if he ate too much ham earlier in the day (he wouldn't have ate turkey!) or what as he missed his goal by 4 min or so, finishing at 52 min.

The funny thing is that I couldn't really see behind me very well, so I kept thinking that he was RIGHT behind me! So, I couldn't do anything but keep pouring it on with a 45 min finish in mind.

Overall place: 195/2141
Gender place: 164/1080
Age group place: 18/136