Thursday, November 6, 2008

Medal Display

I recently posted a message on the Runners World forum asking the group what they do with their finisher’s medals. I’ve received a few interesting responses as well as a few responses I expected. To summarize, the responses can generally be categorized as (in order of frequency:

  • Box in the closet

  • Pin them to a corkboard

  • Hang them in my office

  • Give them to my kids

  • Put them in a scrapbook

  • Donate them to the Special Olympics

I was honestly hoping that more people had good responses on the scrapbook front. I will admit that the following metal wall hang things made by “Luv Pre” are VERY cool. I am thinking that I may hit him up to see what it would cost to get hold of one of them. It could be something that I could hang in my office at home. That way, not many people would see them (I try to not be overly boastful about my running), but at the same time I would be reminded of my past accomplishments. More to come on this I am sure.

Luv Pre's medal displays:


BETHANY said...

I like the medal displays. I have mine in a shadow box frame in my bathroom.... probably a weird place for them... but I like to be inspired when I pee! :)

Bradatuud said...

Thanks for posting that!
I have it in my blog now, a newly updated one!!!

Hit me up, I'll give you a discount......

Cris said...

Where did you get your Medal Display Hanger...would like to get one for my husband. Cris-

Adam said...

Cris, hopefully you signed up to receive notification of additional posts.

My wife actually ended up getting me this one:

I like it a lot. I'll have to ask her where she got it and post it here.

If you are looking for the versions in the above, check out Brad's website:
He has a few really cool ones built and will pretty much do whatever you want him to (for a bit more money than the $30).

Adam said...


I asked my wife, and she said that she bought the one that I have here:

Bradatuud said...

Here is our facebook page.!/pages/Redmond-WA/Allied-Running-Medal-Hangers/162015888492?ref=ts