Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Food Favs

A friend of a friend recently sent out a survey asking a few brief questions about everyone’s restaurant tastes. She ultimately wants to open her own place and is doing some very wise due diligence. (If you are interested, send a note to and tell her that you want to take the survey.) One of the questions asked what my favorite restaurants were and why. Below are my responses. It was actually quite a bit more difficult than I thought that it was going to be. I went back and forth on type of food vs atmosphere of the place, vs a million other factors. Try it yourself! I think that you’ll be surprised at how hard it actually is:

Name your 2 favorite restaurants for each meal: (it is okay if a restaurant makes more than one list!)


  • I’m not picky here. It is really hard to screw up eggs – usually when I go somewhere for breakfast it is with people that I enjoy so they all seem good!
  • I will say that any breakfast place that also has good coffee (maybe even a special roast) is usually pretty high up on the list. Bonus points for calling me ‘hon’ when I order. “Whut can I getcha hon?”


  • Subway. Cheap, easy, simple…, customizable, gosh I could think of a million adjectives! Honestly though, there is a local chain in KC that beats subway hands down – Mr. Goodsense. They slice their meat/cheese off of block meat/cheese right in front of you!
  • Any Mongolian BBQ (flat top grill) place. I like it because if you screw it up, it is your own fault!


  • If I am going to splurge, I really love fondue. It is more of a dining experience. It takes forever, so you can’t shovel food in – you actually have to talk to the person that you’re sitting with.
  • Cheesecake factory. Not for the deserts though – they have SO many choices for entrées that I have yet to find something that I didn’t love.


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