Monday, November 17, 2008


If I had to use a word to describe my recent New Orleans trip, I’d have to use “amazing”. I had a great time and have lots of fun pictures to prove it. Check them out here.

If you don’t like to click on links (and who does) here are a few of my favorites in chronological order:

The hotel that we stayed in was the Pierre Marquette Renaissance hotel. We were upgraded to a suite upon check in which was probably bigger than my first apartment.

Friday started with some beignets at Café Dumont and a tour of the French Quarter which included St Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square.

Next up was lunch and dinner. What would New Orleans be without a bit of brown bagging on the street?

We went out that night to bourbon street (among other places). While I didn’t have a hand grenade, I did have a hurricane!

Finally on the trip, we spent some time in Cajun country and had a real live crab boil. It was an experience to be sure.


b said...

Very cool, glad you guys had fun