Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Watch out for planes, they are everywhere!

Prior to listing off the airport flight delays each morning, CNN Headline News shows a photo similar to the one at the left. In this photo, each dot represents an airplane in flight.

The question I have is - how is this helping me? As I looked at this photo very early this morning, I thought to myself: "This has nothing to do with delays, but it does help with me personally avoiding mid air collisions. Something that is especially important since I can't fly planes...... and I'm on the ground."

So, as I am sure is the case, when the CNN producer of Headline News reads this, hopefully they will take these comments to heart and save me the 20 seconds. After all, those seconds could be better spent showing the YouTube clips that they are so fond of. Or, for that matter, they could focus on the knee high leather boots that Robin Meade is so fond of:


bjn said...

Robin Meade's boots would look good on my bedroom floor.

Oh yeah! <-That's what she said.