Friday, October 31, 2008

Vote early, vote often.

Crappy picture, but the message is clear: I voted today. I've got the first part of "vote early, vote often" figured out. I have some calls into Acorn to set up the second part.

The early voting line was LONG. The voting station was inside of an old mall and the line to get in snaked all the way through the mall. I had hoped that it would only take half an hour or so, but it took around two hours.

The really shitty thing is that since I am in Kansas, McCain is leading by 30 points. That means that for every Obama vote, McCain gets two. Ouch. I had to keep telling myself that I owed it to myself to vote no matter what.


bjn said...

I know how you feel about your vote not counting, but last I heard, AZ was almost tight!!!! So long as they count mine it is 1 vote tighter!!! ha ha

Dawn said...

If you vote tommorrow (and who in their right mind isn't?!?!?), Starbucks is offering a free coffee. Supposed to be a cold and rainy day where I live, so they've got my vote!

Early voters should get free double shots for having had to wait so long.

Adam said...

Yeah! Hopefully you got your free coffee (no matter who you voted for by waiting in line you earned it). I heard about the offer in the airport yesterday - so I made a bee line to the nearest Starbucks!!