Thursday, October 2, 2008


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The spell check on my email tried to replace "Oktoberfest" with "Soberfest", nice try Outlook, you are waaaay off.

Why is it that everyone over 45 thinks anyone under 25 is synonymous with tech support?

I miss the Clinton Administration. While the president was getting with interns, the vice president was inventing the internet. Now those guys got shit done.

My buddy hooked up with this random cute chick last weekend...They get up in the morning and he throws on a vintage 1989 Cleveland Browns T-shirt to give her a ride home...she responds "Cool shirt, that's the same year I was born".....Nice Josh, real nice.

Giving a presentation on my laptop, I was unaware that I had auto-signed in to AIM with yesterday's away message "Where the f*ck is the remote?" When some kid IMed me, PowerPoint minimized and I had to nosedive across the room to get "Did you check your butt?" off the screen. Thanks asshole, out of context your horrible 5th-grade joke becomes an APB to the entire room that I must be in dire need of a proctologist.

When you get your first corporate job, think of a new screen name; your coworkers don't need to know that you were 2hOt2HaNdLe in high school.