Thursday, October 9, 2008


Instead of icing down my legs after a long run, I think that after the economy gets done with my investments I’m going to have to start icing down other areas of my body. Gosh, how did we get here?? As recent as 12 months ago, everyone was living high on the easily available money where as now.... everyone is praying that they will have enough money to retire.

Everyone loves to tell me that I have lots of time before I retire. Honestly, I do have loads of time. More time than I would like. However, what happens to the people who DON”T have loads of time? I feel for them. When I am 50, I hope to have over $1,000,000 saved up for retirement. (Closer to $2,000,000. So, based on the shitty returns as of late, I would have lost $300,000 in value. I can’t even imagine that.

I work with people who are less than 10 years away from retirement. Granted, I think that the market will come back and all will not be lost, however I am curious to how long it will take. Hopefully it is not TOO long. I am not sure that I can take much more!