Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Marathon Schwag

Honestly, I'd be just fine with a medal, but I found this blog posting from Runners World quite interesting....

I'm easy to please: my favorite post-race freebie is a coooold beer. Or multiples, really. I'm not picky and have yet to turn free booze down. The might be the college student side of me talking though, rather than the runner! ----------
At the Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco, all finishers were given a Tiffany Necklace (complete with the box)! The Necklace had 2 women runners on it, and the back had NWM SF 07 with the Nike Logo. I haven't taken it off since last year! One of the best parts is that the Necklace's were handed out at the finish line by Firemen dressed in Tuxes!
At the Akron Marathon, they give away free Brooks running shoes to all finishers. In my case, the store did not have any of the available choices in my size. Instead, I was able to upgrade to a higher dollar shoe with nothing required of me. I thought this was phenomenal of both Brooks and the local running shop.