Thursday, October 30, 2008

I slept with Joe Biden

I’m currently in St Louis for work staying in the downtown Renaissance Marriott. While I am here, since Missouri is a swing state, we are bombarded by ads from both sides of the isle. However, this morning, when I went to have some breakfast I was told that Joe Biden was in town and was staying at my hotel! So, I looked down on the ground to find 15 cop cars parked out front. When we left the hotel, there were 10 or so black Chevy Suburbans parked in the entry way while the same number of secret service / security guards were milling about.

I told Tera at the time – I still get a bit star struck whenever I see anything like that. Now, in all fairness, I would have gotten just as star struck had it been McCain, but I will admit that it was cool to know that I was pretty close to the person who will in all likelihood be the #2 in charge very soon.

And who knows – I could have slept with Joe. After all, he does have REALLY good teeth.


Anonymous said...

Swing State? Sleeping with Biden? Starting to scare me there Mr. Ricklefs.