Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dewey Readmore Books

I grew up in a small town. Therefore, I always get a bit excited when anyone is from within 200 miles of northwest Iowa and even remotely recognizes the small town that I spent 17 years of my life.

Recently a story ran on the Kansas City news as well as national news about a cat named "Dewey Readmore Books". The story told of the cat who was put into the book return slot on a cold night in 1988. The library took the cat in and let it live among the books. Kids would play with the cat, the librarians would push him around on the book cart, and the farmers would even cozy up to him during the winter months with a book. Wait farmers?

Dewey Readmore Books was from Spencer, IA. Which, according to Google Maps is 53 miles from Pocahontas, IA where I spent my High School years. I am never amazed at how small of a world that it is. Who knew a town of less than 12,000 people would make the national news for something other than a school shooting.

Of course, if you can do easy math, you'll realize that Dewey was nearly 20 years old. He passed away this past year with quite honestly more fanfare then I ever expect to receive. I'm not sure what the conversion rate is in kitty years, but I gotta think that he lived a pretty good life.