Thursday, October 2, 2008

Andy, Akiva, Jorma...... ANDY!!

I have used the term awesometown as part of my regular vocabulary for some time now (as do other friends). However, I quite honestly didn't realize that it was FROM anything.

It is from a video that Andy Samberg and his crew put together a while ago before he was on Saturday Night Live. Honestly, I think that he is one of the funniest people on SNL now. That is, when Tina Fey isn't 'guest' appearing for her Sarah Palin impersonations. Here is the video. I ALWAYS laugh during the roll call. "Andy here, and I love a good sandwich. So, if you have a sandwich, come roll with me!!"


Anonymous said...

You Googled Awesometown didnt you?!?!

Ulyana said...

This is freaking hilarious, and that enthusiasm poster is great!!! It's kind of about me!