Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Advanced Voting

I live in Johnson County Kansas. Not the most progressive area to be sure, but we do our part. On that note, I was pleasantly surprised when I double checked the absentee / early voting options in my area.

If you are too lazy to go the URL (you were too lazy weren't you!?), it says that I can vote during normal business hours starting on 10/21. I can even vote the two Saturdays before 11/4!! Since I travel for work, it is very important for me to have these options. In fact, when I retire, I think that I may volunteer to help staff one of these. Since I only vote every 2 - 4 years *hangs head in shame* it is very important for me to get my vote in.

So, if you have to be out of town on November 4th like I do. Check your county's voter site - they may have some pretty good options so that your vote counts!