Thursday, October 9, 2008

40 firsts

In keeping with my previous post as well as Tera's post on firsts, I wanted to submit my own list of firsts. I originally authored this list with the intent of having 50 firsts, I must concede that I must have only done 40 distinct things in my life. I have been writing this list for a few weeks now and it seems that these are the only ones that I can come up with. So, if you think of a 'first' that is not on the list but should be - let me know via a comment! I'll certainly do my best to answer it.

  1. First computer was when I was in 7th grade. My dad was taking night classes and needed it to write papers.

  2. First computer program that I wrote was shortly there after.

  3. First username: SuperStud

  4. First email address: I couldn’t make that up if I tried.

  5. First time I pulled an all nighter was in cub scouts at the YMCA. Lock ups were a really good time. I have never pulled an all nighter for school.

  6. First time that I knew what I wanted to do was…. Never? I still am not sure what the heck I want to do.

  7. First kiss was in 8th grade.

  8. First girlfriend was Katie Nedved. I believe that she has 2 or 3 kids now – and is divorced.

  9. First best friend was Steve Girman. Unfortunately I have completely lost touch since High School.

  10. First date is hard to pin down. I couldn’t drive for so long so, what counts as a ‘date’??? The first ‘real’ date was probably in high school.

  11. First time I drove a car I was 10. My dad let me drive his truck from our house to my grandparents house (with him in the truck).

  12. First ticket was when I was in 10th grade. It was for driving without a license. (Made it 5 years – not bad!!)

  13. First car I owned was a 1984 Pontiac Firebird. I bought it when I was 14.

  14. First motorcycle that I owned was a 1989 Yamaha YZF.

  15. First motorcycle accident was in Pocahontas on the courthouse square. It was in December, so there was salt and sand on the streets. I turned the corner and the bike slid out from under me.

  16. First loan that I took out was for my 1999 Chevy Cavalier. I still own the car to this day.

  17. First car that I fixed up was a 1979 half ton Chevy truck. I fixed this one up with my dad.

  18. First car that I restored was a 1948 dodge half ton truck. I fixed this one up with my grandpa. It still has the flat head straight 6.

  19. First time that I had a ‘real’ job where I paid taxes was when I was in 11th grade. It was at a hog confinement.

  20. First time that I owned stock in a company (not part of a 401k or part of an employee stock purchase plan) was June of 2008.

  21. First cell phone was when I was a sophomore in college.

  22. First time on company provided health care was when I got my current job.

  23. First NFL game was in 2003. It was in a corporate supplied box.

  24. First time outside of the country was when I was in college. I walked across the Mexican boader.

  25. First time I saw the ocean was on my honeymoon.

  26. First time I road in a helicopter was also on my honeymoon.

  27. First time that I had cable TV was when I moved to college. I had satellite TV starting when I was about 10.

  28. First house that I bought was in Overland Park, KS. I purchased it in the summer of 2005.

  29. First time that I moved out of state was in 8th grade. I moved to Colorado and lived there for a little under a year.

  30. First funeral that I went to and was truly devastated was my grandmothers. I was a pallbearer.

  31. First R rated movie that I saw in the theatre (that I remember) was A Few Good Men.

  32. First CD owned was Snow – Informer. Don’t hate.

  33. First car stereo had 600 watts and 2 12” subwoofers. I thought that I was very cool.

  34. First ‘official’ concert was Dave Mathews Band. I was in college.

  35. First roommate was Eric. He was 6’ 8” tall and was a super pot head. He flunked out of school.

  36. First time I entered a bar and bought a drink legally was on my 21st birthday in Kansas City with my mom. It was at Harrah’s casino if I remember right.

  37. First wedding that I was in was my own.

  38. First time that I actually listened to a doctors advice with my whole heart was when he told me in 2006 that I needed to exercise more.

  39. First time that I ran over 5 miles was sometime in 2006.

  40. First time that I ran over 10 miles was during the summer of 2007.