Friday, September 26, 2008

Why I run

I have been asked on numerous occasions why I run. Before I can answer I am usually presented with a statement about how it is ridiculous how far I run on a regular basis. For the most part, I agree with them that it is a bit ridiculous. However, I like to do it and honestly don’t care what other people think (for the most part). Either way, I think that I owe a lot of people some sort of explanation. Well, maybe I don’t – but I wanted to post it on here anyway – lucky you.

First, I want to clarify that I don’t run for the benefits of being healthy. I will be honest in saying that initially this was the case. I needed to get into shape so that I didn’t become big like my dad and his dad. I have never played any organized sports so I don’t feel a great urge to work out for work outs sake. More often than not, I work out to better facilitate my running habit. So, why do I run?

I run mostly because I can. I love the fact that I can push my body to the limits of its design (sometimes beyond those limits) if only to see where those limits are. I also love the fact that through my own sheer will, I can train my body to accomplish something that I previously could not do. Running 26 miles at an 8:00 mile pace will be a great example.

I run because while I am running, I can clear my head of almost every thought imaginable. While running, it usually takes so much effort that I honestly don’t think about anything. Not about family, friends, work or otherwise. Just my feet pounding the pavement.

Most importantly, I run because it is my own time. Running is “Adam time”. While running I don’t have to answer to anyone. Not that I like to be away from people, but I like the solidarity that a long run gives. My wife knows that if I have to run 10 miles, I will be gone for 1:20. I don’t golf regularly, I don’t have much ‘guy time’, so running is the closest thing that I have to my own personal retreat…. And I love every second of it.