Thursday, September 11, 2008

Week of 9/9 Runs

9/9 Run: 5 miles, 8:40 pace. What I thought was just normal soreness was actually more of a bit of an overuse injury. I’m going to test it tomorrow and see how it goes.
9/10 Run: 4 miles, 9:00 pace. (8 miles was target). Today unfortunately I didn’t finish my expected mileage. I didn’t feel like doing the extra 4 miles was worth the ‘risk’ of prolonging my minor ding in my ankle.
9/11 Run: 0 miles. One of my first “missed” days. In fact, I just looked back and it WAS my first missed day. Bummer. HOWEVER, I do think that resting is better than pushing it just to get mileage in. We’ll see how it works!