Friday, September 26, 2008

Vodka – Yes Please

On Wednesday night, the team went to a vodka bar called Red Square in downtown Denver. It was a fun bar / restaurant. I don’t know how many vodkas they had, but it was a LOT. They had an entire three column menu page listing them out. Needless to say, the group comprised of teammates and friends/relatives of teammates did our best to sample each and every one of them. The specialty of the bar was their flavor infused vodkas. They take fruit or other flavors (dill or garlic anyone?) and add them to the vodka. I have to say that these, while sometimes girly, were good!

I had wanted to go to the bar since the last time that we were in Denver, however we didn’t get the chance. It lived up to my high expectations. The infused vodkas were great and the regular vodkas were smooth. In fact, because the infused vodkas weren't full strength, you could down 8 or 10 shots and feel like a rockstar! So, if you ever find yourself in Denver, look up Red Square and ask for a carafe of Pineapple vodka and a plate of pickle chasers. Each carafe has 10 shots, so make sure you bring some friends.