Friday, September 12, 2008

I haven't forgotten

As I sit here in the airport, waiting for my flight back home watching McCain and Obama put a wreath on the twin towers site, I can’t help but become a bit nostalgic – if not a bit patriotic. On this day, 7 years ago, I was in Ames, IA watching the Today Show (eating frootloops) getting ready to go to yet another day of classes.

Directly (for me at least) there are many changes with the way I travel on a regular basis as a result of 9/11. Airport security has certainly been increased to the point that it often times borders on the asinine. A great example of this was when I saw a girl in a sun dress getting scanned with a hand wand metal detector. She didn’t set off the larger metal detector – so who knows why she was actually flagged since she certainly didn’t have any metal hiding in her underwear or something…

I honestly can’t even believe that it has been that long ago. You don’t really grasp the phrase ‘time flies’ until you are staring down these major milestones (The movie Toy Story is over 11 years old!?). While I am not certain what the future will hold, I can admit that I have enjoyed the last 7 years, and hope that the next 7 will be just as fun.