Friday, September 12, 2008

Home is where you make it

I wanted to announce one of the worst kept secrets thus far. So, to ‘officially’ announce it, my wife and I are moving to Phoenix this spring. We have actually known for some time that we were going to move, but have only started telling people within the last few weeks/months. The reasons for the lack of notification are various, but it will likely suffice to say that the timing just wasn’t right until now. So, as soon as I can get transferred, my wife’s school year is over, and we can sell our house, we’re moving!

You often hear the saying “home is where you make it” and never give it much thought. However, as I was getting off the plane yesterday, heading HOME it really became clear for me. My wife often times makes fun of me because I notice smells more than most. She claims that I smell my food before I eat it (I don’t see how people don’t do that) and am overly sensitive to one smell or another. I think of this every time that I fly home, because as soon as I step outside into the Kansas air (well, Missouri at that time, but whatever…) it even SMELLS like home. The air smells fresh or crisp or moist, and the leather of our car permeates all of my senses to the point that all my cares melt away.

I was wondering last night as I drove home if this will ever be the case in Phoenix. Will my bed still feel as cool and inviting? Will my house smell like home? Will I have to catch myself when I refer to it as Phoenix vs ‘home’? I expect that all of these will fall into place, but I am sure that it will be an adjustment.

So, if “home is where you make it”, then I’d like to say that family is who you love. I love my wife and would do nearly anything for her, including move to the desert, so she is my family. The primary reason that we are moving is to be near her family so that we (my wife and I) can increase the size of our family. So, I’ll start to post more and more about my thoughts and feelings as well as the current status of our move. It should be an interesting ride!


BJN said...

I remember when I first moved to AZ and the language of "Home" meant Pocahontas. I also very much remember when that shift happened and Phoenix was "Home" and Pocahontas was "where I grew up" or "where I originally am from". I assume you had something similar in K.C.

Speaking from someone who has to explain to people where he lives, vs. tell them, and having experienced several places in a "living type manner" I think Dave Matthews has the best quote on this.

"Turns out not where, but who your with that really matters."

Looking forward to having you guys out here!

P.S. you are right about the smell!!!!! Every place has it's specific smell, and it is the sense most closely wired to memory.