Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fort Collins Trip

As I stated previously in one of my run posts, I was in Fort Collins, CO a week ago visiting my sister and mom. My sister is a sophomore at Colorado State University.

We had a great time. We visited the New Belgium Brewery, took a drive around Estes Park, and visited the Stanley Hotel. Here are some pictures of the trip.

A view of the beer that I tasted (for free!!) and some random tanks.
I believe these were (from left to right): A coffee infused beer, a cherry infused beer, a semi stout, and a summer unfiltered wheat.

HEY! No dorking around near lift trucks.

Ok, maybe a little bit of dorking around (My mom, sister, and wife). But still, not TOO much.

Sexy is as sexy does

My wife and I in front of the hotel (The Stanley Hotel) where Steven King thought of the book 'The Shining'

A random Elk that had wondered into town.