Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Today is the first full day of fall. Fall is undoubtedly my favorite season and probably the thing that I am going to miss most after we move to Phoenix. Oddly, the thing that I like most about fall isn’t the colors, the change in temperatures (although that is a close second), or the fact that football season is well underway. The thing that I love most about fall is the smell. I love the smell of the leaves changing or the smell after the first frost. It almost smells crisp. I am almost always training for some random race, so I usually get the opportunity to spend a lot of time out and about – noticing the subtitle changes in the season.

I mentioned previously that I am very smell sensitive. Not that particularly bad smells bother me all that much (I’m a guy after all), but I defiantly notice smells more and (as Barry said) I associate memories with smells. So, as fall approaches, I am going to take every opportunity to enjoy it as much as I can. Since this will be my last one, I need to get as much out of it as I can!

Here is a picture of the tree in my front yard from last fall! Love it.