Thursday, September 18, 2008

Chicken Dinner

Winner winner! Last night I played craps for the first time and won – won big actually. I won the most that I have ever one at a casino. I bought in for $40 and walked away with over $250. The great thing is that I didn’t expect to win because I was trying to learn how to play craps which made the win all the better.

The one thing that I learned is that you need to have a bit of money to be very successful at craps. That is, during some of my big runs, I had over $40 out on the table at any given time. If someone were to roll a 7, I would have lost every bit of that money. However, I didn’t loose, I won HUGE.

Now, I need to decide what to spend my winnings on. Of course, my wife thinks that this is ‘our’ money (even though I used my own personal money to start) so I may have to put up a fight in order to claim it. One of those iPod touches is looking VERY tempting right about now…..


bjn said...

I have always wanted to learn craps. I mean, I have been crapping for like 27 years, but....

You'll have to show me sometime.