Friday, September 19, 2008

100 Things

I recently saw a blog where the author posted 100 random facts about himself. I thought that it was particularly interesting - even though I had never met the guy before in my life. Since that time, I have been compiling a list of facts about myself. I found the process of creating this list rather fun. It is quite introspective and really gets you thinking about your life's net sum of experiences.

I may update these from time to time, but for now here they are!

  1. I started running and exercising in general after a physical where it was discovered that I had high blood pressure.
  2. I have a battery powered blood pressure cuff that I purchased as a result of that physical.
  3. I have only had one physical in my life.
  4. I’ve run 2 marathons and am training for my 3rd.
  5. Each of my marathons has been in a different state.
  6. I have not completed any organized half marathons, 10k, or 5k races.
  7. However, as part of my training, I have run the half marathon distance over 20 times.
  8. As a result of my running, I lost over 35 pounds.
  9. I’ve nearly been hit by a car 3 times while running.
  10. One time while running, a car got so close to me that I ended up with my hands on the hood of a car.
  11. I was not in any organized sports while in high school.
  12. I was, however, in concert band, jazz band, marching band.
  13. Respectively, I played timpani and snare drum, trap set, and the quads.
  14. I am the first member of my immediate family to graduate from college.
  15. My college education was entirely self funded.
  16. Correction: My college education is being entirely self funded. I am still paying on my student loans.
  17. I was a Computer Science Major at Iowa State University.
  18. I considered becoming a meteorology major.
  19. I have seen three tornadoes in person.
  20. I am Caucasian, but was a minority in my major.
  21. My high school was 99% Caucasian.
  22. While in high school I worked in a ‘factory farm’ hog confinement.
  23. I’ve castrated hundreds of pigs.
  24. I’ve accidentally tattooed my own hand while tattooing pig’s ears.
  25. Luckily the tattoo was on the palm of my hand so it eventually wore off.
  26. I’ve accidentally injected myself with iron supplement.
  27. Pigs need to have an iron injection within their first two days of life otherwise they will die of anemia.
  28. I’ve watched a baby calf being born and was the first thing that it ever saw.
  29. I’ve also helped pull a stillborn calf out of a cow.
  30. I’ve had my hand inside of a cow up to my bicep.
  31. I have a mole on my right middle finger slightly smaller than the size of a dime.
  32. Doctors say that if I have it removed, that joint will likely no longer move.
  33. My right foot is a full size larger than my left foot.
  34. While I was in high school, I lost my drivers license for 90 days.
  35. I have never received a speeding ticket.
  36. I have however, gone 135 m.p.h. on my motorcycle.
  37. I fell off of this motorcycle twice.
  38. Both times I was going less than 15 m.p.h.
  39. I have gone 165 m.p.h. while in a NASCAR race car.
  40. I was a passenger during the Richard Petty Race Experience.
  41. I have restored a 1948 dodge ½ ton truck.
  42. It took me the entire summer between high school and college.
  43. I painted a 1979 Chevy truck bright yellow.
  44. I have only owned three cars in my life.
  45. Two of those cars I still own.
  46. The third car, which was the “Night Rider” car, I wish that I still owned.
  47. Last year I worked in 14 states.
  48. The only time that I have been outside of the country was walking across the Mexico border.
  49. The first time I saw the ocean was on my honeymoon.
  50. I have always said that I wanted to do three things in life: Drink water from the ocean, be worth my weight in gold, and be weightless in space.
  51. I have only completed one of these items.
  52. Ocean water is much saltier than I ever imagined it would be.
  53. I work as a management consultant for a large consulting firm.
  54. During my 5 year tenure, I have only been on three projects.
  55. The ‘average’ project lasts approximately 6 months.
  56. My official titles have included “Analyst”, “Consultant”, and “Manager”.
  57. I stayed in a hotel 108 out of 365 nights last year.
  58. In fact, it is probably over 108 nights because nights purchased with frequent stay points are not counted in the total.
  59. I buy a postcard at each location that I am able to travel to that does not cost me any money out of pocket.
  60. At last count, I had collected over 30 postcards.
  61. I have been interviewed by the FBI.
  62. It was in my living room.
  63. As an indirect result of the interview, one of my former bosses is now a special agent with the FBI.
  64. My maternal grandfather has been married or common law married 7 times.
  65. My paternal grandfather has been married once for over 50 years.
  66. Both of my grandmothers have passed away.
  67. My parents are currently divorced.
  68. My dad has been divorced twice.
  69. I haven’t talked to his second ex-wife in years.
  70. I have a little brother and a little sister.
  71. We are each 4 years apart and therefore only went to school together when we were in elementary school.
  72. I am currently married to my best friends little sister.
  73. Of the 4 years we dated, nearly two of them were a long distance relationship.
  74. I have, not including relatives or my wife, at most five or six people that I consider very close friends.
  75. A number of those people I work with.
  76. I have scores of people that I consider casual acquaintances.
  77. I was, however, voted “most outgoing” my senior year of high school.
  78. I also was voted to have had the “biggest breakup”.
  79. I only drank to the point of drunkenness once before I was 21.
  80. The town that I grew up closest to has a population of 120.
  81. My dad’s mailing address is still listed as this town.
  82. I am amazed to this day how many stars you can see on a clear night whenever I am back.
  83. The town that I went to elementary school in has a population of 700.
  84. The phone system used 4 digit dialing until I was 10.
  85. The town that I went to high school in has a population of 2,000.
  86. My high school graduating class had 65 students.
  87. The house that I lived in until I was 12 had a wood burning stove for heat in the winter.
  88. Yes, the house did have running water.
  89. No, the house did not have cable TV.
  90. I have been on national TV three times.
  91. I have never been on the radio.
  92. My favorite band is Bare Naked Ladies.
  93. I have never seen them in concert.
  94. I have only been to four concerts in my life.
  95. The last physical CD that I purchased was over 5 years ago.
  96. It was a Bare Naked Ladies CD.
  97. At this time, I’ve only purchased 16 songs on iTunes.
  98. My first iPod was purchased in the 2nd half of 2008.
  99. I can build my own computer.
  100. I finished the basement in my house.


BETHANY said...

So Adam, you don't know me, although I feel like I know you. I am friends with Tera - she talks about you a lot, and she had a link to your blog on her blog. I liked your list, it was interesting. But I thought that I would tell you #27, while interesting, isn't about YOU - it is about pigs! :)

TJ said...

Since there was no number, I had to count all the way to #27. I think Bethany was right! But I enjoyed reading the list anyways.

Justin said...

If you went to Iowa State how come you don't have Iowa filled in on your 50 states map?

If you ever want to come to Ohio, I'm your guy!

Mrs G said...

LOL I just counted to #27 as well

Suzana, Windsor said...

I just re-read this (because I was telling my friend about the race, and he asked who The Boring Runner was) and I noticed that your have band was the BNL. Steven Page (a past member, I guess) has just visited my university last week to speak about mental health and his struggles with a mental illness. It was awesome!