Monday, August 18, 2008

Worker Bee? Worker Boss.

September 1st is the end of my company’s (Accenture) fiscal year. In addition to being bombarded by surveys and year end congratulatory “win” emails, promotions and raises are announced. It would seem like an odd time of year to announce these types of things, but in all honesty it actually works out pretty well. In years past, I have known what my bonus will be almost 2 months before it is paid out. This is especially important because it is paid out around the end of October. This is generally when I get a lot of my Christmas shopping done so the extra cash always goes to a good home.

I recently informally learned that I will be promoted to the position of “Manager”. This was from the previous title of “Consultant”. It is actually a rather large promotion which will bring me slightly more into the lead development and management side of our work as opposed to the delivery side. Of course, that is what I assume is the case. I know slightly what expect, but not entirely.

Did anyone else notice the generic titles that Accenture has? I mean, Consultant? Manager? It is sort of like the organizations that use roman numerals for their titles. Worker I, Worker II, and Worker III do have a ring to them, but I doubt that anyone knows what the heck they mean.


Tara Shelton said...

Congrats! I knew you would make manager...dork!