Monday, August 4, 2008

Traveling Companion - Pt 2

I wanted to follow up on my post where I said that I was super excited that my wife was going to be traveling for me to St Louis for work. Overall, I'd say that the experience was great! Here are a few reflections:

  • I believe that my wife has a new found respect for business travel and the toll it takes. Certainly she was not used to it, but either way I do know that she was very exhausted come Thursday afternoon.

  • Additionally, I do get some bonus points because I was able to prove to her that the team actually DOES eat at 8:00pm every day. Plus, it really does take us 2 hrs to eat. I wasn't making that up.

  • My wife was super excited to meet the team and had a positive reaction to everyone. This is especially important to me as I now call a number of my team members close friends.

  • My wife thinks that I am a huge "doorknob" (her words) because I am friends with the people in the hotel. She is probably just jealous.

  • I will say that it added a new level of complexity to traveling with her though. I often found it difficult to balance my work obligations, my personal schedule (running etc), and the social calendar that Tera had put together. Overall, I averaged about 5.5 hrs of sleep and 9 hours of work per day. I'll admit that I was a little exhausted come Thursday afternoon as well!

  • In summery, I really had fun having her in town with me. Hopefully now that she has figured out how to get all of her stuff into one carry on suitcase, we'll do it more often!