Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Running in Iowa

I am in Iowa for the next few days and since I don't want to diviate from my schedule, I plan on running the same just like I was at home.

During my first run, I honestly didn't expect to see many people out jogging or walking but to my surprise, there were a fair amount of people out on the streets walking. Granted, almost all were above 70 years old, but I suppose that is how you get to be above 70 years old. You get out before 6:00am and get the blood flowing.

The other interesting thing about running around a small town was that there were no side walks - and the streets were arched HIGH. I could definitely feel the fact that I was running on a slant if I was too far to one side of the road. So, for the most part, I just ran in the middle of the street.... and cars were NEVER a problem.

Finally, I never realized how small the town is! I ran 7 miles this morning and pretty much ran to all 4 corners of the city, down main street, past the school, past the fairgrounds, past where my wife used to live and still had time / miles to kill putzing around among the various roads.