Monday, August 11, 2008


A member of my team is a professional photographer on the side. He recently took the picture to the right in Auburn, MA while traveling for work. I was not only struk by how much I liked the photo, but also by the quote that he included with it in our monthly project newsletter:

When asked what the best camera to get for scenic photos, I say to get the cheapest camera they can find, under the stipulation that they take the remaining money that they would have otherwise spent and go on vacation somewhere beautiful. Being at the right place at the right time is a thousand times more important than the camera used.

This small lake in Auburn, MA was right outside of my hotel, so I took a short hike to enjoy the scenery and unwind. I even made a little chipmunk friend who followed me around for a while. I purposely waited to take photos of the lake until the light was right. Patience is really the key with most photography. Like many of my other photos, this was taken with my Canon SD800IS point-and-shoot camera. The IS (Image Stabilization) was really important with this photo since light was fading. If I had been willing to lug around fifty pounds of equipment, I was have had a 12-24mm lens on my D200 body, mounted to a tripod, set the aperture to somewhere around f/8, and expose for as long as needed. But it was a LOT simpler to just pull my pocket camera out, hold still, and press the button.

Bottom line, photography should be fun and relaxing, not work.

Visit his website at and book him for your next event. He is the bestest!