Saturday, August 2, 2008

Money Spent

I don't believe that I have posted about them before, but my local office has quarterly all office meetings. Generally speaking, these meetings have approximately 150 people attending and last 1/2 a day. In addition to the meeting, we generally have at least a happy hour. During the summer and the winter, we have a larger event. I am the lead in the planning efforts of these meetings.

Generally speaking, I really do like planning them. It mixes up the day and allows me to interact with people from the local office. (Granted, I do a LOT of complaining about these events during the planning stages. The people close to me are very familiar with this and I am sure are VERY tired of hearing about it.) Also, probably one of the best perks is that I get to spend all sorts of firm money! The budget for the last event was somewhere in the neighborhood of $30,000. Not chump change to be sure.

Well, the summer meeting was yesterday and went essentially OK. We had the event at Worlds of Fun a local amusement park. We had great attendance and overall I believe that everyone had a good time. The company bought tickets for everyone to get into the park, paid for dinner, parking and spending money, and also had free massages on site, offered free go cart races, and had a scavenger hunt where people could win prizes for finding random things inside of the park.

While I am glad that my party planning is over for at least a few months if not longer, I am happy knowing that if I needed to throw together a impromptu wedding, I could probably do it within a week. Shoot, I'd even throw in a 1/2 day power point presentation for free.