Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Let the light in, PLEASE

I’m having a bit of an Office Space moment at the client site. I have a ‘corner cube’. Not because I am particularly important, but because my primary client interface is very important and I need to be within earshot of her. That said, I have approximately 5 floor to ceiling windows that I can see from my cube. One would think that I would have all sorts of sunshine beaming into my cube helping me pass the day, right? WRONG Every single window in this place seems to have their shades drawn. Hallways between cubes? Closed. Personal offices? Closed. I don’t get it! I feel like I am in the basement or something!!

Of course, I could quite easily open all of the shades and try to let some of the sunshine in. However, for some reason when I do this, I come back to my cube to find that they are all closed again. So, someone obviously doesn’t want them open for whatever reason. I think that my client may be hiring vampires.