Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Favorite song - By my favorite band

Very cool - they did a BUNCH of songs via webcam.


Christine said...

Adam, these guys are amazing...good choice :)

BJN said...

DUDE!!! I Totally remember yelling that song at the Rialto after show choir practice.

after re-reading that I hope not to sound too much like a dork.. too late I suppose.

That was AWESOME!! GREAT song!

Adam said...

I'm not sure if you did the email me reply's to comments, but I TOTALLY remember singing that after swing chior practice. That is basically how we got into the comedy routine between songs. Man, such a good time.

Michelle said...

Hey, i love it!! Thanks for linking me to that great song!!! Those guys rock. I love how harmonious they sound. Truly awesome!

Still, not as great as i am!!! :O)

I am going for a run now!!!