Thursday, July 24, 2008

Yay Church

Waiter: Did you get laid on vacation?
Busgirl: It was church camp.
Waiter: So "yes" then?
Busgirl (quietly): Yes.

New girl: Why is the door to the file room always locked?
Veteran: Because someone might steal something.
New girl: Who all has a key?
Veteran: Everybody.

Employee: I don't want anymore customers to come in.
Manager: I know, me either. [As old lady with walker approaches door] Dammit... I hope she dies before she gets to the door.


awesome said...

2 guys go to an art gallery to look at paintings. They stop at one painting of 3 black men sitting naked on a bench. One of the men has a white penis.

Looking utterly confused, the men are approached by the gallery curator who says "would you like me to help explain this to you?"

The men ask him to please explain it, and the curator describes how the painting reflects the black man's struggle to fit in with white society in matters of sexuality. The curator then leaves the still very confused men to look at the painting.

He walks away and a scottish man approaches the men and says "that guy has no idea what this painting is about".

Perplexed the men ask, "how do you know"?

The scottish man says "because I painted it - it's 3 scottish miners and one went home for lunch"