Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Traveling Companion

As I believe I have said in the past, my wife is a teacher. As such, she is off for the entire summer. Overall, she has done a very good job of keeping herself busy this summer with one project or the other.

Since I travel for work, usually one week a summer she’ll travel with me to whatever exotic location that I may be traveling to and spend the week with me. This week happens to be one of those weeks! It is very exciting. I, like most guys I feel, identify strongly with their work. (Whenever I meet anyone new I almost certainly ask them what they “do” for a living etc) Additionally, since I am very bad about keeping in touch with people from HS, I create very close friendships with the people that I work with. So, when Tiffany is able to travel with me, she gets to meet all of my coworkers/friends and gain better perspective on how difficult it is to balance going out with working with working out etc.

This week my friends on the team have an entire week’s worth of fun activities planned for us to do. We’ve already been out for Sushi at our ‘regular’ sushi place, we’re going to go bowling, and we’re going to go to a jazz club to listen to some fun music.

So, I am very excited for this week and have probably been talking about it way too much. Hopefully it lives up to my expectations. But, if it doesn’t, there is always next summer!


BJN said...

What Jazz club?