Thursday, July 24, 2008


Disclaimer: I’m voting democrat in November. However, I am not voting socialist…. :)

My brother in law is in town this week, and as is usually the case, he came with propaganda. Last night, we watched the Michael Moore movie, Sicko. Overall, it wasn’t bad – but there were a few things that bugged me. First, a lot of the movie talks about European healthcare. During which, Michael Moore always uses the term “free”. Free healthcare, free meds, free surgery! FREE FREE FREE. The truth is - it is not free. It costs money. It has to come from somewhere. That somewhere is usually taxes. The other thing that bothered me was the way that Moore never gives the other side a rebuttal. It was pretty much 100% all him. And, I suppose, it is his movie…..

So, I agree with the fact that our healthcare could probably use some government help. However, don’t try to feed me bull that people in Europe don’t have 50% taxes.


Tyler said...

There are also problems with free healthcare as is the case in Canada where it's a lottery. If you have kidney stones you deal with it until your number is drawn in the lottery. If you have a condition where you have a battery operated device that requires expensive replacement batteries, You may win the lottery to get the device, however if your number isn't drawn for batteries be prepared to cough up some serious coin.

Barry said...

I will defend my "propaganda" and say that I believe Moore presented both sides of the arguement, although it was in the context of him trying to convince us of his point of view. I think Tyler is mistaken about those things in Canada. Here is a good article about Canadian healthcare that is unbiased. Remember: You can pay a guy $1,000,000 per day to have sex with a supermodel and he will find something to complain about.