Monday, July 14, 2008

120th post / 350th visitor

I recently reached a major milestone in my blog’s life. I now have over 100 posts and have had over 350 visitors. While I believe (assume?) that 90% of my readers are friends and family, I have noticed a number of very interesting domains have visited my site. Specifically, it seems that my book reviews garner the most bizarre visits to the site. Some of the visits include:

  • I’ve had a number of Random House visits checking out every single one of my book reviews
  • Over 5 people have searched for a book review on “You’re so Money”
  • My knee in pain picture elicits probably 1 visit per week of someone searching for “knee picture” on google images
  • I had someone get to my blog by searching google for “Tim Russert controversy”
  • All sorts of IPs from various countries visit my blog including Switzerland, Turkey, Romania, and Japan – among others
  • All kinds of google bots from various countries