Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Southwest is the best

I now have another reason why Southwest Airlines is the best airline flying the skies. Never mind the fact that they usually have the cheapest fares, they fly direct to more places that I want to go, and they give you free drinks with each of your frequent flier tickets. No, no, the REAL reason why they are the best is that they got me in a full 40 minutes early on Sunday night.

What airline gets you in EARLY? I feel that most airlines have the attitude that “As long as we get you there safe, quit ‘ur bitchin’ “. Well, that is fine for other airlines, but when getting you there safe is always the case, Southwest can focus on getting you there safe AND ontime/early.

Now, I am sure that some of the 2 people who will read this will say that they had a bad experience..... Southwest made them late for their nephew Jimmy’s Bar Mitzvah – sorry about that. All that I can speak for is my experience, which is mostly positive.

Even the dreaded cattle call has been alleviated by a new boarding system. Does it get any better? Probably not. By the way, any Southwest CEOs (Gary Kelly I’m talking to you) who will undoubtedly read this, feel free to contact me for any sort of “thank you” that you see fit.