Thursday, June 12, 2008

Money money money

I subscribe to the RSS feed from the Freakonomics blog. Overall, I really enjoy the postings that come out of their blog – although, I think that they often feel that quantity of posts overrides quality… but that is a whole different post.

Anyway, one of the more recent posts was a about a paper that researched which majors in college do in fact make the most. It was very interesting to dive into the data. HOWEVER, the paper was something like 44 pages long and was heavy on the econ terms and light on the pictures. So, I decided that I would grab the main data table and post it here!!

I wonder what age their sample size was. Because, I know that I am sure not making that much money!! If their sample size was 40 years old – I think that I would probably agree with their findings. I also would like to comment that the law of averages is likely somewhat at play here. That is, $53k for advertising and fine arts while marketing and management makes $109k? There have got to be a lot of fine arts majors who are bums to average out all of the architects. Finally, I think that it is really a bummer that education is the lowest paid on the list. Not only because my wife is a teacher, but because teachers really DO deserve to be paid more.

On a side note, blogger really needs to update their table posting functionality. I couldn’t just post a HTML table into blogger without a post being 100 lines long. So, I had to downgrade to the gif picture. I didn’t do a cobbled up front page table either – I went in and created one in notepad! Come on blogger, get with the times!!